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How It Works


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1. Explore Your Options

Enter your area code and explore the energy options available in your area

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2. Quick Consultation

Start controlling and reducing your energy costs for your home with a quick 10-minute consultation.

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3. Negotiation With Suppliers

Your consultant will negotiate on your behalf for the best energy supply programs available to you. Securing the right energy supply program is a key step in taking control over your utility bills, and we are here to help.

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4. Free Energy Assessment

You will receive a free energy assessment for your energy supply, which sums up the programs and rates available to you.

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5. Decision

You make your decision with the programs available to you. Remember, we make suggestions to help you control and potentially reduce energy costs. Don’t worry—our consultants are not salespeople. They consult people. We explain your options, so you can choose what’s best for your business or home. Always your decision, never any pressure.


6. Explore Other Energy Options

Now that you took charge of your energy, we will look into ways to be more efficient and seek energy savings with various energy upgrades such as HVAC, which include heating, ventilation and, air conditioning.

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