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Affiliate Partner

Our Affiliate Program is available to all individuals and businesses of any size, regardless of your knowledge of the energy industry. By joining the DNE Resources' Affiliate Program, we'll help your customers take charge of their energy supply and you'll earn extra money on a commodity that everyone already uses. 

Channel Partner

Looking to differentiate your business all the while driving growth and profitability to your company? Channel Partners will benefit from our energy expertise, ever-growing portfolio and competitive rates. Together, we can work toward the same goal of providing reliable products to your customers. 

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Disclaimer: We receive our energy information from third-party utility and supplier companies. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or suitability of this information, and cannot accept liability for any damages caused by using such information. Please review your utility statements and historical pricing—the latter of which may not be a reliable indicator of future pricing—to verify the accuracy of information related to your energy use and strategy.

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