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Life at DNE Resources: Perks & Benefits

Life at DNE Resources is intense. We’ve worked hard to get to where we are, but that doesn’t
mean we’re about to rest, because energy never take a break. If anything, our success only
makes us work harder, and play harder.

Our Culture is Kind of a Big Deal

When you experienced it, you’ll give it your own interpretation. Our culture is hard to describe but easy to embrace. It’s a culture of trust, respect and excellence, born from our roots in a Montreal basement and inspired by our founders.

We’ve built a corporate culture around the agreement that the status quo is, well, the status quo. That’s why we prefer bold decisions to boring ones. Sometimes this gets us in trouble, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Staying late to get the job done, asking questions that are difficult to answer, or proposing ideas that are so ridiculous they just might work — this is our kind of day-to-day strive to be bolder, better, and brighter, because redefining the energy industry wasn’t done overnight. Some people think it’s exhausting. Others find it the most thrilling challenge in their life. Are you in?

We’ll let you be the judge of our award-winning culture. But, take it from us, you’re not likely to get bored.

Fun Fridays

It has been with us since we stepped foot in our first office, conveniently located in a basement. Nobody really works on Friday anyways, right? We embrace that fact and quite often start the weekend early with a beer (or two) or have an awesome get-together lunch. We also take the opportunity to initiate newbies.

Bonus Trips

Fun in the sun has never felt so real! Everyone in our team has a biannual target. If they reach it, we invite them to an all-inclusive 5-star resort for one week. Easy, right? Show us you’re a superstar and we’ll let you show off your amazing tan to your jealous friends on your way back from the trip.


From the moment you step foot in a DNE office, you will be recognized and rewarded for your successes, and even failures sometimes. From an initiation ceremony during your first days, to ongoing top performer bonuses, to special yearly awards and even lifetime achievement awards, we know what recognition is all about.

Team-Building Celebrations

It’s no secret, we like to party. Any excuse will do. The holidays, summer, milestones, you name it. There’s more to work than… work. We love to team-build outside of work because we know teams aren’t built in 6 days. We also don’t like the word ‘colleagues’, we prefer ‘friends’.

Great & Make Greater

Everyone has a voice, that’s why we let everyone speak up. Once a month, we all stop what we do for 1 hour and ask each member to share one thing that’s great about the workplace and one thing that we can possible ‘make greater’. Reward for doing so? Free lunch!

DNE Academy

The DNE Academy is an energetic platform created to help onboard newbies and allow anyone and everyone at DNE to grow their grey matter without ever leaving the office. Because as we grow, DNE grows too.

Volunteering & Charity

Redefining the energy industry is a big task, but it can’t always be about us. We hold two self-driven company-wide volunteering events every year. Also, at the beginning of the year, we offer everyone the opportunity to submit and vote for a local nonprofit. Once selected, we organize various events throughout the year to help raise money for a good cause, a cause we all care about. Learn More >

Health Initiatives

Your heart doesn’t stop when you walk in the office, neither does your health. Every quarter, our staff will get tips and tools to help achieve their goals, whatever they may be. Sometimes, we even challenge them. Would you be up to our health challenges? Namaste for now.

Sounds like you’d fit right in?

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