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Where Will The Energy Take You?

Our teams are comprised of innovators and experts who work towards one mission—to improve
the everyday life of people and businesses by controlling and reducing their energy spending.
Up for the task? Power up your opportunity and start making a difference

The little things that make
life at DNE wonderful

When you come to work at DNE Resources you’ll become part of a dynamic and rapidly expanding business. Everyone at DNE has a part to play in our success. In return, we reward our people with a wide range of great benefits and other little things that make life at DNE Resources wonderful.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Considered as a motto here at DNE, we definitely love to cherish our accomplishments and truly reward those who bring the energy to our workplace. Cash bonuses, event tickets, gift cards, and all-inclusive trips are just some of the ways we value our greatest asset – our people.

Up, Down & Sideways Path

DNE Resources has many different types of positions, especially as we continue to grow. If you get tired of what you’re doing or just want to try something else, you can move to a new role within DNE, not outside DNE.

Friday Happy Hours

We know how to celebrate, whether it’s successful board meetings, birthdays, events, company milestones or just making it through the week. Our celebrations are a cherished tradition.

Innovation Encouraged

There’s a saying at DNE Resources that it’s okay to make mistakes – everyone does it. In fact, we think it’s a healthy way to learn and improve.

As DNE Grows, We Grow Too

We offer our people the opportunity to take part in both internal and external training. We’ll even help fund any professional qualifications you undertake that are relevant to your role

Family-Friendly Environment

We are a business, without a doubt, but it is our policy to put people first. And people have lives outside work that include the people we love the most, our families. That means we believe in a family-friendly environment.

Rewards of a Never-Ending Job

We continuously support the greatest ambassadors in the community, our people, as we are often involved in a variety of organizations and causes that are important to them. Through volunteer initiatives, as well as cash and in-kind donations, we are able to support our staffs’ passions and efforts every year.

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