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Energy Purchasing Strategies

It’s all about control.

Energy price volatility in any deregulated energy market can make it difficult to control a monthly or even annual budget. However, you can now minimize the risk by protecting energy expenditures from the risk of price spikes or higher energy rates, and we are here to help. Depending on where you are located, energy procurement is available for natural gas, electricity or both.

Main Products


Fixed Rate Program

A fixed rate program will enable you to minimize the risk of being exposed to the volatile energy market by securing a rate that will not change for the
length of your agreement.


Variable Rate Program

A variable rate program will have you following the wholesale energy market in pursuit of advantageous pricing when default pricing is at relative highs.


Hedging Strategies

A hedging strategy will structure your energy procurement as a portfolio of layered forward purchases. By doing so, you spread your eggs into different baskets and minimize exposure to future price spikes.

The steps to controlling your energy bill.

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1. Initial Assessment

Before we even get started, we verify if you would benefit from our services. Although we would love to help everyone, we need to assess your current program to see if you qualify. By submitting a copy of your electricity bill for our review we can verify whether we can help.

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2. Negotiation

We’ll do the grunt work for you as we identify and negotiate the best energy options. We utilize our portfolio of over 350,000 customers to obtain the most competitive prices.

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3. Proposal & Decision

We explain the available options, so you can choose what’s best for you. Ultimately it’s always your decision, and never any pressure. Normally, you will receive the same energy and bill as before. Only now, you will have peace of mind knowing that you took control of your energy procurement.


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