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Energy Monitoring

Unless we monitor it, we cannot effectively manage it

Energy monitoring systems can help you save up to 30% on your overall energy costs

Energy monitoring systems are a fast, easy way to future-fit your small- to medium-sized building using Web and wireless technology to control HVAC, lighting, and metering. Save energy, save time, and improve comfort with minimal impact on operations.


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Flexibility & Control

We provide you with an affordable solution for those who don’t need or can’t afford a large building management system — helping you control your building’s energy costs and improve comfort for maximum productivity. Our systems have flexible monitoring, control, and scheduling options. Wireless technology makes a perfect solution for retrofits.

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Easy Setup & Maintenance

We provide the tools you need to operate your small- to medium-sized building at peak efficiency. Our systems deliver immediate energy savings and reduced operational costs using an easy-to-operate online platform accessible anywhere, anytime. View all your systems on a single, customizable user interface.


Great Value

We prepare your building for the challenges of rising energy prices and stricter efficiency regulations. Our systems are scalable, future-proof solutions that grow with your business and have an instant return on investment through lower energy costs. With a quick installation, you will be able to easily maintain your day-to-day operations.

Real Simple. Real Smart. Real Performance.

Up to 10% of energy costs can be instantly reduced by tracking and changing consumption habits

The steps to take to start monitoring your energy.

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1. Initial Assessment

Before we even get started, we verify if your business would benefit from energy monitoring. There are many options available, so whether you are a small business or a multinational corporation, we have a monitoring system that fits your needs.

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2. Installation

Installations are quick and straightforward. Most of the changes are simple retrofits, so we won’t be taking down walls or installing additional cables and disturbing your day-to-day business tasks.

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3. Monitoring & Automation

Once the system is setup and online, you will be able to monitor your energy and make sure you are consuming just the right energy you need. At this point, we can start looking into automation products such as lighting control to help you save even more.


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