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Energy Choice

The power to choose is in your hands, and we are here to help.

Switching to a competitive energy supplier is a simple way to take control of your energy bills. Implementing new energy efficiency initiatives is an easy way to reduce and sustain your energy bills. Having a consultant by your side makes either or both choices that much easier. We negotiate on your behalf and recommend you options based on the needs, cost, length of plan and conditions.

Millions of businesses and homeowners have embraced energy choice—whether for natural gas, electricity, or both—and thousands of people switch energy suppliers or implement energy efficiency initiatives every day.



Free Energy Assessment
 Predictable energy costs
 Peace of mind

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Natural Gas

Free Energy Assessment
Cost control for your budgeting
Same bill, worry-free switchover

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Energy Auditing

 Free Initial Proposal
 Fully Personalized Action Plan
 Financing Options Available

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Energy Monitoring

 Free Estimate
 Flexible & Controllable Systems
 Easy Setup and Maintenance


Lighting Solutions

 Free Lighting Audit
 High quality, eco-friendly LED light bulbs
 Financing Options & Rebates Available

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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning 

 Free Efficiency Report
 Certified Energy Efficient Equipment with Extended Warranties
 Local Customer Service and Support

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Solar Energy

 Free Solar Capacity Analysis
 Eco-Friendly Energy Savings From The Power Of The Sun
 Custom Design of High-Quality Solar Panels

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Wind Energy

 Free Wind Speed Assessment
 Design & Installation by Certified Engineers
 Monitoring Capabilities

Not sure where to start?

Sometimes, it’s nice to talk to a real person. Give us a call or send us an email and a local energy consultant will reach out to you.

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