About DNE Resources

Award-Winning Energy Consulting

Program Benefits

“Our mission is to inspire and empower people to make a positive difference.”

Secure Price Plan

  • Protection against market volatility;

  • Budget control and stability;

  • Energy insurance for your business;

  • Peace of mind!

Wholesale Variable Plan

  • Only pay for what you use;

  • Opportunity to switch programs;

  • Secure a fixed rate at any time;

  • Access to wholesale market;

  • Add/drop sites at no cost;

  • No exit fees!

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does DNE get compensated?

DNE gets compensated a “finders fee” from the supplier.

2. How do we start the new program?

DNE handles 100% of the enrolment to make it a seamless transition to your new energy program.

3. What happens if we have an issue with the invoice?

Contact your DNE consultant with any issues for supplier direct support.

4. What happens if we move or sell the business?

Contact your DNE consultant to support your transition at no additional cost.

5. What type of support can I expect from my DNE consultant?

We pride ourselves on providing industry leading support. Your dedicated DNE consultant is available for your convenience throughout the duration of your program.