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DNE Resources now helps Saskatchewan businesses

Tuesday, June 2, 2015 NEWS ROOM

DNE Resources now helps Saskatchewan businesses navigate the energy market and grow their bottom line

MONTREALJune 2, 2015 – DNE Resources, a Canadian based energy consulting firm, is now offering energy-consulting services to businesses in Saskatchewan. The company provides their customers with a free energy assessment, which includes recommendations on how to improve their energy efficiency and lower their energy costs.

In September 2014, business customers of SaskEnergy dealt with a 28% increase in their natural gas commodity rate following a recommendation from the Saskatchewan Rate Review. “The increase enables SaskEnergy to discharge the projected $34 million deficit in its Gas Cost Variance Account (GCVA) over 24 months,” stated Panel Chair Kathy Weber on a media release issued on June 16, 2014.

In response to this and many other cases which showcase the volatility of the energy market, DNE Resources’ unique approach to energy consulting benefits business customers of SaskEnergy and SaskPower, without competing with these respective utilities.

When it comes to negotiating a wholesale energy rate, the company aggregates its clients into buying groups to take advantage of its network of suppliers to ensure the best energy options for customers.

In addition to offering wholesale energy rates, DNE Resources identifies opportunities for all commercial and industrial businesses, municipal districts as well as farmers to take advantage of government or utility subsidies. A local Energy Consultant at DNE Resources will highlight the requirements to undertake energy efficiency projects such as Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and LED lighting while identifying opportunities to benefit from lower gas and electricity costs.

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About DNE Resources

DNE Resources is an award-winning energy consulting firm specializing in energy procurement and efficiency, as well as renewable energy. DNE has helped over 250,000 clients choose energy programs based on their priorities – carbon neutrality, reduced spending or budget stability. To learn more, visit www.dneresources.com.

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